The Issues

Narina Nunez for State Senate

Below are the issues that I am campaigning on. and why I think they important. But I would also like to hear from you about you think is important. Please feel free to e-mail me and tell your views. E-mail me at
Fiscal Responsibility
Wyoming statute requires that we put 1.5% of the mineral revenues into the Permanent Minerals Trust Fund and that only the interest can be spent. In 2005, when Wyoming was awash in cash, the Legislature increased the amount to 2.5%. In this past budget session Sen Bruce Burns R-Sheridan sponsored a bill that would have reduced the amount back to 1.5% and to divert the extra money into the Rainy Day Account. The measure failed but it shouldn't have. Being fiscally responsible means that when your house is falling apart you don't continue sticking money in your savings account and then say you can't afford the repairs. That's not responsible. I will bring balance to the budget discussions and will work with people like Bruce Burns who offer sensible solutions.

We also have to develop clear guidelines for the use of the Rainy Day Fund. I don't advocate raiding those funds because the budget crisis may be with us for a while. However, we should use some of the money each year to keep the budget cuts from becoming too severe. Wyoming could fall into a recession if we cut too much.

In the past Legislative session there was also a rush to make cuts to the budget without any thought given to how we could raise revenue. The Appropriations Committee refused to allow a discussion of Medicaid expansion to come to the floor.  There was never a full discussion of how Medicaid expansion might be able to help the state. Discussions have now started about how we might be able to raise revenue but those discussions should have happened a while ago. We knew the state was in trouble, but the Legislature did nothing to prepare for it. We need to put all options on the table and carefully discuss them. 
Put people first
The state is facing a severe budget crisis and painful cuts need to be considered. However, many of the cuts made during the last session hurt the people of Wyoming while other projects, such as construction projects were allowed to move forward. I think that is backwards. We need to protect people first. In the Laramie Boomerang (April 10, 2016), there was an article about how the elimination of a tax refund program was hurting dozens of Albany County residents. This program allowed poor elderly or disabled adults to receive a refund for up to $800/year from the State. In order to qualify, an elderly or disabled person had to make less than $10,000/yearr.​  I think we could all agree that supporting our poor seniors should be a priority. Yet that program was cut. Programs like this should be cut only as a last recourse. They shouldn't be the first on the chopping block. I will fight for people first.
Preserve our natural spaces
There has been a national and state effort by some, for the Federal Government to cede Federal Lands to the states. Most people see this for what it is- a push to get land to use for mining, logging, and other commercial activities. That's why hunter, angler, and outdoor groups vehemently oppose these efforts. So do I. The Medicine Bow National Forest is right in our back yard and is near and dear to our hearts. We hike, ski, snow shoe, ride, climb, hunt, and fish all over this area. It's also a major source of income for Albany County.  According to the Wyoming Sales, Use, and Lodging Tax Revenue Report for 2015, Albany County received more than $5 million dollars from Leisure and Hospitality taxes.  These are tourist dollars that would be significantly reduced if the Snowies were sold off to private interests.