Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid Expansion

Friday, June 03, 2016


Narina Nunez


  1. Medicine Bow National Forest
    12 Jun, 2016
    Medicine Bow National Forest
    Spent the weekend at Pole Mountain celebrating my birthday with my husband Brian. We camped out and enjoyed the beauty of the national forest. We explored the area for hours on our Wildcat and barely scratched the surface of this amazing area. One of our favorite to walk and hike. Thank goodness this land is still in federal hands. You can't camp on state lands, and that would have made the weekend less fun.
  2. Site Problems
    02 Jun, 2016
    Site Problems
    The exciting news is that we've officially launched the campaign. The bad news is that this website crashed yesterday and is still having problems today. If you are reading this, it means you actually managed to get on. But I think other people are having trouble. What a pain. I hope the rest of the campaign runs more smoothly.
  3. Happy Memorial Day Weekend
    26 May, 2016
    Happy Memorial Day Weekend
    Memorial Day is a day we remember and honor those who have died while serving in the Armed Forces. The two handsome fellows, pictured here, are gone but neither died in service. I still honor and remember them on this day and every day. The handsome guy on the right is my son Ian. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was 27. He died in 2006, five years after his diagnosis. The handsome fellow on the left is my father, Alejo. He died in 2008 of colon cancer. This picture was taken when
  4. Secretary of State adds me to the ballot
    19 May, 2016
    Secretary of State adds me to the ballot
    It's official. As today, I'm officially running for Senate For District 10. I am going to work hard to win your vote, and if I'm fortunate enough to win the election, I will use this blog to keep the voters of my district informed about key legislation. If you read about something on the blog that is important to you, you can e-mail me with your thoughts and ideas. But first, we have to win! Anyone interested in helping out, please e-mail me at: By the way, the