Make sure your voice is heard
I am running for State Senate because I don't feel that Albany County residents have been well served by some of our representatives. Rather than complaining, I decided to run for office and try and make things better, and to be the kind of representative that listens to you
My three main themes for this election are: 1) Fiscal Responsibility, 2) Put people first, and 3) Preserve our natural spaces. There is more information about these themes below. An extended explanation is on the Issues Page.

Narina Nunez

for Wyoming Senate
District 10

I would very much appreciate your support. Our state has a severe budget crisis. But I believe, with good leadership, we can get through this. And if we do things right, Albany County may come out stronger than ever.

A representative that will fight for you

In the past legislative session many decisions were made that affected the people of Albany County. Many people felt like their interests were not served well by the process, and that they didn't have a voice at the negotiation table. Vote for me and I promise I will always have the people of Albany County on my mind when I vote. If there are hard choices to make, I will talk to the people in my district before making a decision. You will have a voice.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is more than living within your means. It's also about using financial resources at appropriate times, and to recognize that pumping extra money into the Permanent Mineral Trust Fund when we are in a budget crisis is not responsible, nor does it make any sense.

In the past Legislative session there was a rush to make cuts to the budget without any thought given to how we could raise revenue. The Appropriations Committee refused to allow a discussion of Medicaid expansion to come to the floor. Attempts to reduce the amount we put into the Permanent Mineral Trust Fund failed. Our legislature failed us.

Preserve our natural spaces

Put people first

The state is facing a severe budget crisis and painful cuts need to be considered. However, many of the cuts made during the last session hurt the people of Wyoming while other projects, such as construction projects were allowed to move forward. I think that is backwards. We need to protect people first. 
Federal Lands should not be given to the states to manage. Wyoming could not afford to manage the federal lands within our borders. We would end up selling the land for commercial purposes. Recreation would be curtailed and we'd lose important tourism attractions and dollars.

Rainy Day Account
Permanent Mineral Trust Fund
The Rainy Day Account was started to help Wyoming get through rough budget years. Yet, the Legislature balked at using Rainy Day Funds to smooth out the budget crisis. We need to establish clear guidelines for the use of Rainy Day Funds. And we should use those funds to create less pain and more gain for our state.
In FY 2015, the state put $481 million dollars into the Permanent Minerals Trust Fund (PMTF). That was $270 million dollars more than what has been required by statute. In the past legislative session, legislators could have voted to put only the required amount into the PMTF and divert the extra money to the Rainy Day Fund. They didn't do that. And now Governor Mead has learned that our budget crisis is more serious than predicted and is calling for draconian cuts. That didn't need to happen if the Legislature would have acted.